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March 2015, I resigned from my position as a Manufacturing Supervisior. I began searching for hobbies to occupy my time, and in this era YouTube was pretty popular. I ran across videos demonstrating the process of screen repair, I then understood the demand due to the hype of the new iPhones.

By the following month I had become quite familiar with the process, and had started to accumulate clients, while conducting mobile services.

July 2015, I opened my first location in my hometown, Griffin, Ga. 

Due to having an amazing support system, the word spread fast. I was then able to open a second location 6 months later. 

January 2016, I opened the second location on the campus of the renowned Clark Atlanta University. Having a location in such a college-town promoted not only sales, but it helped brand my business.

By April, I was conducting College Tours at various colleges throughout Georgia.

Those universities included Georgia State University, Albany State University, Clark Atlanta, Spelman and Morehouse College as well.

Thanks to my family, friends, former colleagues and other small business owners, Level 10 continues to grow in reputation, service, and efficiency. 


Level 10 Repair College Tour 2016

Georgia State University

Kennesaw State University

Clark Atlanta University
Albany State University
Spelman College
Morehouse College

Back to School Explosion 2016 | 2017

Griffin, Georgia

Christmas Toy Drive 2015 | 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

Griffin, Georgia

Career Day 2016 (APS Schools)

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